Sunday, 20 January 2013

Corrupted & Dot(.) (Japanese Doom)

It's not a sinecure for Japanese doom bands to push their music into the western doom community, and the few bands that to (Boris, Church of Misery, ... ) have managed to do so by extensive and tiring touring campaigns.

That's why i'm dedicating this post to two japanese doom bands that i admire and enjoy listening to.

First up is Corrupted

Corrupted are a very obscure Doom metal band. In their almost twenty years of existence they have made it their band policy to reject all interviews and professional band photography.

You could describe them as an even more ruthless version of Burning Witch but also handling a much broader sound-palette, with acoustic interludes and long noise-ridden slabs of doom.

Really amazing band.

Official Site

Next up is dot(.)

dot's just one of those bands that managed to get it just right sound wise: a melting guitar sound that embraces the ampeg-spat low-end to create one massive wall of destruction, (think Dopethrone).

They're a bit repetitive but never tiring.

Official Site

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