Thursday, 23 May 2013

Disinterred - DEMO MMXIII

Some monstrously aggressive Death Metal from Belgium, The demo's free, so even you're not that into Blast Beats, extreme grunts and fast-paced death metal riffing, giving this band a go won't cost you more than a couple of minutes, time you used to waste on updating your facebook status, aimlessly browsing youtube's ever growing repertoire of ludicrous videos or even watching 3 american girls shitting in a cup.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Septic Apes - Slaughterhouse Tapes II

I have to admit that i'm not really fond of bands like Septic Apes, bringing a simplified and shallow blend of doom, stoner and sludge, . The reason for posting this band and the release of their latest Ep Slaughterhouse Tapes II is solemnly based on my fascination with the first song 'Vampire Counts'. Give it a spin (or rather a click) and hopefully you'll understand my reasoning.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Shallow Grave - Shallow Grave

Instead of fruitlessly trying to capture the essence of this band in text, i will leave it up to their own self-description:

Formed in New Zealand in 2009, Shallow Grave are a cancerous blight upon the rapidly degenerating Auckland landscape.
Apocalyptic visions of nameless cults and chemical-fueled Lovecraftian insanity are channeled through mutilated riffs, horrendous screams, twisted psychedelia and sonic experimentation. Shallow Grave triumphantly ride the saddle of the rapidly-encroaching new Dark Age.

the only thing i can crudely add to the above is:
Think Neurosis' Times Of Grace meets Ramesses' Possessed by the rise of Magik.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sunken - Sunken

It's always exhilarating to find a interesting new band in your country, especially in a country as small as Belgium. Sunken are a Doom metal Bass/Drum 2-piece from Wallonia.

First off, i have to admit that the recording quality of this demo (and also their previous ep 'Damaged') are plainly abysmal, the bass guitar should have been pumped up to a higher level, especially in the lower frequency spectrum, and the drums sound like your average DIY black metal band, which is not a virtue for a doom metal band. Luckily the music itself is quite enjoyable, when they find the courage to put a lot of pace in their songs they sound quite a lot like Black Cobra or even a slower Lightning Bolt. When they descend into the slower depths of doom however, the resemblance to the older work of OM is unmistakeable. I feel like this is a band that requires a live presence to impress audiences, and i will keep my eye out for any upcoming gigs to give them an honest chance to blow my brains to pieces.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ether - Human Error

kicking off an album with an excerpt off of one of the best films ever made should be considered as a herald for a great and lush new album. Ether are an Atmospheric Metal band from Fort Lauderdale US and have made an imprint in the local heavy music scene by sharing stages with bands like Weedeater and Cough.

As for the album (Human Error), i am usually able to pinpoint a couple of closely related genres to any new Heavy band i come across, but in this case i found myself producing such a big cluster of genres that it would be more appropriate to encapsulate all their various influences and label them as an Atmospheric Metal band. When listening to the album it feels like Ether are trying their very best to keep introducing new sound colors, in an effort to escape from being trapped in the same songstructural cadence. The sound colors applied range from repetitive sludge riffs, to post-rock interludes and melancholic post-metal climaxes. They even went so far as to introduce classical strings to further bolster the independence of their songs. Although these intentions are shared with a lot of bands that fail in their efforts, Ether have convinced me that they're not one of them, the song structures as well as the individual melody's are intelligent but not to complicated to break an audience's attention span. all of this combined with an excellent recording quality (and an excellent drummer) make for an impressing release that should appeal to any heavy music enthusiast.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Agnes Vein - Soulship

Agnes Vein are not a newcomer to the European heavy sludge scene, and have shared stages with  leviathans such as Om, Electric Wizard and Conan. On the 1st of May they will grace us with their third release called 'Soulship'.

This overtly talented 3-piece hailing from Greece have managed to deliver a musical tale that breathes beauty and putrefaction at the same time, which may sound like a band just playing melodic passages entwined with sudden avalanches of sludgy mayhem, but there's obviously more to it than just that. In fact the processes themselves that take you through these shifts in musical timbre are the touches that make this an album that should draw your undivided attention. I have to admit that the album is tricky in that way, sometimes way up there in quality, but sometimes a bit derivative. But overall the former prevails, which makes for a dark and impressive album.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Csejthe - Réminiscence

Csejthe (Lucifer only knows how to pronounce this)  is a Black metal 3-piece from Quebec delivering an unrelenting black metal entity in the vein of their greatest influence Burzum. An other adhesive for their songs is their fascination with the Hungarian countess Elisabeth Bathory whom allegedly murdered hundreds of girls during her time of reign.

With their second album Réminiscence, Csejthe have managed to create an album that is rife with musical references to the Norwegian black metal scene, with Burzum being the main focal point. Although this reverence of a small number of bands is clear in their artwork and advertisements, their overall tone is of a broader spectrum, drawing comparison to many American black metal bands like Xasthur, Krallice, Wolves in the throne room , Nachtmystium and maybe even Ash Borer.

Csejthe is one of those bands that provides an attentive listen not because they sound so new and unique, but because they remind any self proclaimed black metal connaisseur of the times where black metal was a small ruthless club, a time where it could still be called a scene and a time where burning churches filled the moonlit sky with flickering crimson light.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Polska Radio One - New Space (Single)

I've mentioned the previous single of these Russian shoegazers here. I'm still yearning for them to release a full album instead of the occasional single, but in the meantime this will have to do.
New Space is pretty much a fair continuation of their previous single but they seem to have adjusted the destination of their krautrock induced trip to a more neo-psychedelic missive, a destination shared with bands like The Black Angels, The Warlocks and even some more illustrious psychedelic bands like The Stone Roses or Primal Scream.

The single is available for free on their Bandcamp.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Psyke Project - Guillotine

The Psyke Project is pretty hard to pin down sound wise. One thing that's a certainty is that they're heavy, very very heavy. But there are so many aspects of this band that truly aid in their quest to become one of the most fucking uncompromising sludge bands to date.

They're most recent scourge towards mankind is called Guillotine. whether the etymology of this album is part of some grand theme or whether it's just chosen because of it's direct link to death, it doesn't matter. The album is rightly chosen because the following analogy is easily understood: 'it fucking cut's clean through'. There's no restraint in this piece of mayhem, just plain heavy, downtuned swells of sludge with sudden sidesteps of more advanced influences like Post and Noise Metal. The vocals as well as the mastering of the album are in conjunction with the Post-Hardcore esthetic, while all the rest just breathes sludge and noise.

Definitely a meritorious contender in becoming the best sludge album of 2013.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Leucosis - Leucosis

Upon first hearing this new album the scenery and heredity of this band become clear as day. In the vein of other American west-coast bands like Ash Borer and Fell Voices (with whom they've shared the stage) they produce this hybrid shape of black metal, being true to the Norwegian original in esthetic and overall sentiment but with a clear injection of melancholic and droning genius. What further sets them apart however is their capacity to sound more dynamically melodic, similar to many European black metal bands like Mgla, Tardigrada or maybe even Winterfylleth.

Another defining characteristic is the integration of harsh sludge and doom elements that shine through in a couple of their songs, which in turn makes them sound even more exhilarating and refreshing. I can't subdue the impression that this band is only on the cusp of breaking through into the global black metal scene and in due time will be positively featured in the most widely respected blogs and magazines from all over the world.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Olde Growth - Owl EP

Olde Growth are yet another american stoner/doom bands, accompanied by all the essentials: Fuzzy guitars, slow plodding drums and a unified interest in playing slow and diabolic riffs. they've just released their new Owl Ep. This is how they're described on their Bandcamp page:

With bass and drums, Olde Growth creates music that evokes the awe inspiring relics of the natural world - giant trees that span millennia, jagged, snow-capped mountains that only the bravest of souls attempt to scale, oceans who’s mysterious depth are as alien as the most imaginative worlds out of science fiction.

You could go as far as to describe them in the former manner, but in my opinion they're more easily defined as a stoner/doom band with truckfighterish vocals reinforced with dense and dynamic riffing. enjoyment is only assured when all skepticism is discarded (preferably when drunk, high and tired) and you're only goal of the evening is to headbang your way into the night ahead.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Tragedy We Live In - ST

my fellow countrymen of The Tragedy We Live In are a Belgian post-something band (fill in the post as you like) and have seen themselves fit for releasing their unfurnished self titled album into global existence. Defining their genre as 'post-something' might seem like an affront to the band in their efforts to sound unique, but this is not the case here.

In their efforts they succeed in a number of things but the most notable is to provide listeners with a clear musical contrast between beauty and decay, shining through in their music by fluently alternating melancholic landscapes with noise ridden slabs of post-metal. Unlike many post-something bands though they don't conform to the 'buildup to climax' template that has defined slow heavy music from the beginning, they opt for the Neurosis approach and keep on teasing their listeners with misplaced constructs that in the end makes for an uneasy product. In this i have to admit that the implementation could be better, the parts that are meant to surprisingly deliver the punch are bleak and barely make the cut.
all in all this band delivers a very interesting debut album, particularly the gloomy post-rock segments are surely up to standard. I'm certain that plenty of touring experience and more musical input will have a positive affect on following releases, i am looking forward to reviewing their next one.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kawloon Walled City - Containers

Kowloon Walled City make for a dynamic sludge band, with smooth sounding vocals, but terribly harsh riffing. They released their most recent album Containers in december 2012. In my eyes there is still room for progression but all in all the album excels in it's straightforward approach to a couple of closely related genres.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Inter Arma - Sky Burial

'Inter Arma' have recently released a new full album called 'Sky Burial' under the lengendary 'Relapse Records' (home of a fantastic array of great bands like: Red Fang, Minsk, Pig Destroyer, Hooded Menace, Cough, Buzzov*en and many many more).

with this new album 'Inter Arma' have managed to cook up a unique musical contraption, slithering fluently through all of the darker metal genres to create something that is entirely their own. They do not shy away from slow droning swells as well as fast paced black metal surges, in this they're not unique (just think of bands like 'Dragged Into Sunlight') but what does is their compulsory need to keep rejuvenating successive songs by adding all kinds of atmospheric subtilty's in the vein of (i'm assuming) they're greatest example, Neurosis.

Not only does the album stem from an undoubtedly brilliant set of individuals, so does the the recording quality originate from a very tedious eye for perfection, a perfection that will undeniably resonate through the years to come.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Trix Presents

The trix venue in Antwerp Belgium has proven a haven for belgian doom and stoner fans for many years now, by announcing bands like Sleep, Harvey Milk, Colour Haze, Electric Wizard, My sleeping Karma and many others in the past few years, they have fortified their reputation in the Belgian stoner/doom scene and considering recent developments they seem to be persistent in their intentions.

One of these recent developments is a small mini 'fuzzfest' with the spacejammers of 'Endless Boogie', the psychedelic soundscapes of 'The Cosmic Dead' and my two favorite bands of the evening: 'Elder' and 'Process of Guilt' (Maybe it isn't a coincidence that they're both featured on the Roadburn Line-up)

Elder play an enticing mixture of Stoner, Doom and Heavy Metal employing brutally fuzzy riffing with an intelligent twist. They're most recent full album 'dead roots stirring' ranks as one of my top favorites if 2011 and i am increasingly nourishing the impression that i'm not the only who's thoroughly infatuated with this band.

Process Of Guilt are of a different breed, they have been compared to bands like Neurosis and Godflesh, but in my experience the influence from the former (Neurosis) is far more present.

Moving on to the second development i intend to cover i have to point out that the Trix venue has a lot more good evenings in store for us, just think of 'Ufomammut' and 'Swans'.

Another concert that imprisoned my attention was this announcement for an evening with 'Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats', 'Wolf People' and 'Master Musicians of Bukkake'.

'Uncle Acid And the Deadbeats' (Also featured on Roadburn, damn what a festival) play occult traditional doom in a very authentic fashion, really old-school but at the same time a reinvention of the doom genre.

'Wolf People' are known for they're earfriendly blend of Neo-Psychedelica and Folk Rock, i saw them live 2 years ago and they never lost my attention since.

But the absolute highlight of the evening must be the obscure wizards of 'Master Musicians of Bukkake' (what a name) With their alienating mix of genres (Folk, Psychedlica, Drone, Black Metal and many more) and presenting members from Earth, Burning Witch, Grails, Asva and the Accüsed. This band can't be incorporated in mere http formatted text, just listen, be dazzled and travel to Antwerp on the first of june.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Roadburn Interviews

Apparently the kind people at roadburn have graced with a series of interesting interviews,
really worth checking out.

INterview with Mike Scheidt from Yob.

Interview with Matt Pike

Interview with Internal Void.

INterview with 'Valient' from Valient Thorr.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Howling Void - Runa

The Howling Wind is a one-man funeral doom band from San Antonio, and for those who've been regularly catching up on this blog should know that this is another project from 'Ryan' who also impressed the shit out of me with Tethered to A Dying Animal. In the post i did on TTADA i had this to say:

"I'm really looking forward to see (or preferably 'hear' ) what this guy has in store for us in the future."

And apparently this time has come with a new Ep called Runa. The first thing that's strikingly clear to me is that the focus here is making dark ethereal music, music fit to mourn and act as a celebration of sorrow. I believe The Howling Void succeeds flawlessly at what it set out to achieve, delivering a utopian swell of melancholic surges bolstered with exemplary guitar and drum techniques.

I also like that the entire ep reminds me of 'Ruins of Beverast', which in my opinion is a band that delivers the most organic blend of funeral doom, black metal and folk. The Howling Void could still learn a thing or two from Alexander Von Meilenwald's lavish compositions, but i feel that greater things are still in store for this project and all of Ryan's brainchilds.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Salem's Pot - Watch Me Kill You/Run the Night

Salem's pot (sweden) reigned down on the world in 2012 with their debut album Sweeden and have been repeatedly hailed on various metal blogs from all over the world. They have recently released another demo called 'Watch Me Kill You/Run the Night' which is obviously another release of only 2 songs. Salem's Pot plays lengthy occult doom in the vein of Saturnalia temple and Windhand, putting the emphasis on slow decomposing riffs and eerie wallowing vocals. To sum up: an immensely valuable addition to the doom scene.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Major Kong - Sequoia

For those who aren't familiar with the band, here's a small bio from their Bandcamp:

Instrumental doom metal trio from Lublin, Poland. They began their journey in late 2010, initially as a project alongside their parent band – Fifty Foot Woman. After a couple of months they recoded 4 track EP “Orogeneis” and began serving their slow guitar hypnosis live. Currently they’re looking for label to release "Doom for the Black Sun" - their debut album made in 2012.

To me Major Kong's one of those bands that's neither Stoner/Doom nor Stoner, and could be defined as swirlingly meandering between both genres. At times sounding like your average Stoner/Doom band but then again not shying away from lengthy psychedelic jams and frantic soloing. The thing that stands out though is the relentless pace at which they overwhelm you with their crushing and pounding riffs, like a doom marathon. These characteristics are undoubtedly portrayed on their latest full length album Doom for the Black Sun but about a month ago they also released a single song called 'Sequoia' as a remnant of the recordings of the latter album. This song again further fastens them into their niche of a genre, thus defining them as one the most unavoidable bands of 2012.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rorcal - Vilagvege

I've been anticipating the release of this album for quite some time now, because there's only a couple of bands that portray this aggressive blend of Black Metal, Post Hardcore, and Doom, in my experience the 2 most profound and well known purveyors of this atomic blend of genres are Celeste (One of my favorite metal bands, especially after seeing them live) and Shora. (If there's any others, don't hesitate to comment).

Rorcal (Switzerland) distinguishes itself from these other bands in a couple of ways. The main thing to note are the vocals, rather then originating from Post Hardcore or Doom the vocals are purely black metal inspired (with maybe a hint of Post Metal), and when i mention it i have to say that the overall sound also tends to lean towards the blackest of metals, with sudden sweeps of melodic tremolo picking that would remind any black metal connaisseur of Burzum or more modern black metal artists like Ash Borer or maybe even Wolves in the Throne Room.

Aside from these minor differences Rorcal is still unlike any other ordinary black metal band, implementing overtly aggressive riffs and combining them with odd time signatures and atonal melodics, and to create a more energetic album the songs are sproradically separated by intermezzo's of classical music. Impressive album, Impressive band.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lonely Walk - V.I.H.S.

New Wave is not dead! well actually it is a dead genre, but when listening to this new release by Lonely Walk (Bordeaux, France) i briefly felt like New Wave was alive still, commanding millions of people all over the world to dance ecstatically to the spirit-lifting beats and sequences or to bend their backs and wallow in the eerie darkness of some of the world's most depressive musical compositions. Being a torrid New Wave enthusiast i always enjoy finding parcels of New Wave influences in modern music, but this band denotes almost all standard modern music elements in an attempt to create a fluent and seemingly flawless continuation of the genre.

the one song that's available reminds me of electronic new wave bands like Fad Gadget (actually not a band but a one-man project fronted by the legendary Frank Tovey), Neon Judgement, Men Without Hats, Cabaret Voltaire and of course early New Order. After listening to their back catalogue i've found that this list of references extends. At moments they tend to sound a bit like Throbbing Gristle or Young Gods and at the other (in the rare instances that guitars are employed) they sound like what New Order would have sounded like now if they didn't opt for making pop music, they also sound a bit like a more synth-orientated Horrors.

I've listened to the new song over and over, even whilst writing this entry and i'm still baffled at what i've stumbled upon. I will certainly be checking regularly for any new developments regarding the release of the album but in the meantime i'll just keep listening to this song over and over until my mind implodes.


Apparently only 2 days after my original post they placed the entire album online, available as a digital album or as a mail-order lp. The album has been demanding a lot of time from me, i've given it a couple of spins and i'm truly satisfied with the entire listening experience. for me the highlights of the album are:  'Halloween Sixteen' (The song that made me notice the band in the first place), 'Talking to you' (Reminds me of the Smiths, don't ask me why), 'People Run' (probably the best song off the album, and surprisingly radio-friendly) and 'We need a Miracle' (Gary Numan written all over it).

It would advise anyone to give this album your undivided attention for about an half hour, and if you enjoy it don't hesitate to buy the album and support the band, they deserve it.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Des Cendres a la Cave - Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness, part IV: In limbo

Another Chapter in this blog's ambient/noise compilations. If you're not an enthusiast of the genre, these compilations are the perfect way to become one.

You can download them for free on Bandcamp

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Slomatics - The Future Past

For those who haven't had the honours of stumbling unto this band, Slomatics is a Stoner/Doom band from Belfast Northern Ireland. They are proving to be a steady new entity in the UK Stoner/Doom scene next to bands like Ramesses, Electric Wizard and Moss, they have recently released a new ep called 'The Future Past'.

Slomatics' sound on this ep is very dark & heavy and the riffing rather nihilistic & repetitive, with Oborn-borrowed vocals steadily brooding in the background. They tend to sound like Conan (With whom they share a split album ) or maybe Dot[.] (in terms of guitar sound).

They have a fruitful partnership going on with James Plotkin (Khanate, Old) who has Mastered the ep, their split with Conan and their latest full length album 'A Hocht'. This cooperation clearly shines through into all these recordings as they obviously sound a bit more industrial than older albums (Kalceanna and Flooding the Weir), wich in term attributes to a more unique overall sound.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Torche & Pelican @ 013 Tilburg

Remembering Pelican's live performance at Roadburn 2012 i do have to say they're a very impressing Post Metal band, Overtly melodic but still very very heavy. Now they're apparently returning to the 013 Venue in Tilburg Holland for another show (this time in a smaller venue) and the 013 venue (being as musically up to date as can be) have booked another great band to fill up the evening.

Torche is a band that's very hard to like at first, they're to heavy to battle they way into the mainstream, but they're also to poppy for most of the underground Stoner fans (You could roughly sum them up as a musical blend of Bongripper and Weezer). I stumbled on this minor issue earlier on to, but upon further investigation of their discography i have made my peace with them, and found that they have assembled a very unique and peculiar sound.

013 Site

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Consciousness Removal Project - Tacit

Usually when it comes to Scandinavian metal bands i find that most of them share a similar approach to all diverse metal genres, they tend to play a more straight forward and raw version of their respective musical genres. Bands like Saturnalia Temple (Doom), Cult of Luna (Post-Metal), Horse Latitudes (Drone Doom) and not to mention some of the Norwegian Black-Metal bands (like Darkthrone or Mayhem) all fit into this premise. I don't know in what extend this premise is correct but it surely seems to work out for the examples i have mentioned above and a couple of others i didn't mention.

Consciousness Removal Project is a one man Post-Metal / Post-Rock project from Finland and is an obvious exception to the link i have found above. The music obviously originates from a kaleidoscope of different bands from different genres, From Lustmordian Dark Ambient, to bearing striking resemblence to Godspeed you black Emperor and from Mogwais Post Rock to Isis' Post Metal. the band has a New York feel to it (don't ask why) wich in my opinion can translate to it being a very modern sounding album.

In my humble opinion i do have note that the album has an overwhelming amount of these musical digressions wich makes it harder to enjoy, but like Neurosis has taught us: the longer it takes to fully enjoy the album, the more fulfilling and complete it feels when you finally do.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Usnea - Usnea

Usnea is a Funeral Doom band from Portland US, they also manage to fuse some Black Metal and Sludge Metal elements into the typical Funeral Doom Sound. They Have recently (23 January) released their new self titled album wich i believe is also their debut album.

The album is pretty diverse in sound, with plodding drums and melancholic interlacing doom riffs serving as the main flow throughout the entire album, often interrupted by blasts of Black Metal or sudden surges of Sludgy mayhem. In my experience these digressions only serve the purpose of making the album more dynamic and showing the audience that their influence is broader then only Funeral doom bands like Mournful Congregation or Evoken.

They have apparently shared the stage with prevalent doom bands like Yob and Bell Witch and i think they will continue to do so in the future.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Des Cendres A la Cave - Compilation 3

Another Dark Ambient/ Post Industrial/ Dark Electronic/ Noise compilation by french blog 'Des Cendres A la Cave', available for free on Bandcamp.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Dereliction - Ambivalence

Dereliction is a Lithuanian Black/Death metal band (in a very literal sense). They manage to portray an almost perfect blend of black and death metal by integrating prevalent techniques from both genres. bearing resemblance to both death metal bands like Necros Christos or Acephalix as well as black metal bands like Ascension or Leviathan. Even the vocals are akin to both genres.

really refreshing band. (You can download this ep for free from Bandcamp.)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

JK Flesh / Prurient - Worship is the cleansing of imagination

JK Flesh (see previous post) has released a new split together with dark-ambient/noise artist prurient (aka Dominick Fernow).

In the first track of the recording JK Flesh is clearly stating his take on the recently emerged Dubstep fad, until the signature godfleshesque guitar riffing kicks in, further defining his sound as pure dark and industrial electronics with a more modern esthetic then any of his other work. This atmosphere is continued throughout the rest of his recordings.

As i mentioned before, Prurient is a dark ambient artist, that means he's an alchemist of sound excelling at creating gloomy gusts of sound that pulse through your mind. I have to admit that i'm not really into the noise/dark ambient scene (with some exceptions like Lustmord or Syndrome) so i'll leave it up to fans of the genre to make up their mind.

first three tracks are JK Flesh, others are Prurient.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hark - Mythopoeia

Hark is a new welsh Sludge-Metal band in the vein of bands like Mastodon, High On Fire or Red Fang. I could conjure up a description but i've noticed they've descrived themselves pretty accurately on their bandcamp so why bother when i could just quote them:

"Ex. Taint frontman Jimbob Isaac returns with his new unit Hark. Their debut seven inch 'Mythopoeia' is released on July 30th, through the Destructure/SuperFi labels. The Welsh progressive-power-sludge trio carry Taint's torch forward, passed on from their legacy that began in 1994. With fresh chops and almighty riff power, Hark continue to fuse punk attack with Sabbathian dirge, and decorate post-whatever angularities with classic rock flourish. While Isaac's vocals expand on his tried and tested palette, his lyrics continue to shatter prose with bleak metaphor and acerbic spittle. Former Whyteleaf rhythm section Nikolai Ribnikov and Simon Bonwick, the Hark engine, bring an OCD approach to song craft, and endlessly creative pummel. Their dynamic chops, and blood lust for riffs meld with Isaac's honed and equally determined musical vision."

You should also check out Jimbob Isaac's old (now defunct) band Taint:

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Polska Radio One - Liquid psych-out vol1

it's always very intriguing to see certain genres live through decades of musical innovation, while still retaining their own characteristics. Krautrock is one of those genres. Their are still many bands today that are indirectly or directly influenced by krautrock, and there are even some bands that try their best to sound just alike.

Polska Radio One is a psychedelic/Krautrock band from Yekaterinburg Russia, they have released their new ep "Liquid psych-out vol1" in december 2012. It's a really promising recording that has a strong tendency to lean towards bands like Neu or Can ( wich of course is a good thing) but with a more spacy vibe to it.

Their 2-song ep is available for free on bandcamp

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tethered To A Dying Animal - Impermanent

Tethered to a dying animal is a Doom/Sludge/Noise band from San Antonio US, although i shouldn't really say "band", because all musical matter is generated in one guy's mind and so is all of the instrumentation and vocals.

This ep is really well produced and written. The brutally low Guitar sound reminds me of Bongripper while the overall sound leans more towards bands like Old Man Gloom or even Khanate but more dynamically and directly performed. The clean vocals introduce a Post-Metal harmony that traces back to bands like Amen Ra and here and there you can hear hints of Death-Metal guitar techniques.

Despite the wide variety of sound colors applied, the ep does feel like one entity, an entity that is impressing to say the least (even the dark ambient outro sounds promising). I'm really looking forward to see (or preferably 'hear' ) what this guy has in store for us in the future.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Des Cendres a La Cave - Ambient Compilation

Des Cendres A La Cave is a French blog focusing on Ambient and Dark electronic artists in the vein of Lustmord, Gnaw Their Tongues and Late Amon Tobin. Recently they have released a compilation of all their recent posts.

It's a really interesting array of artists, all propagating very gloomy/industrial soundscapes that lift the listener into a dark state of bliss.

Des Cendres A La Cave is a blog worth following (even if you can't understand the french commentary)

Des Cendres a la cave

Monday, 28 January 2013

Heavy Planet - Stoner Compilation

Heavy Planet can be considered as one of the main catalysts for new emerging Stoner bands to gain acknowledgement by a broader public, together with countless other Stoner blogs and forums they form the ever so valuable internet-related network of the Stoner Genre.

In the first of January they released this enormous compilation featuring numerous new up and coming Stoner bands, you can download it for free on Bandcamp.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Brutality Will Prevail - Scatter the Ashes

Brutality Will Prevail are a Sludge/Hardcore band from Wales. They combine old school sludge metal riffing (Acid Bath, Buzzoven, eyehategod, ... ) with a more hardcore orientated appeal.

They released their latest album 'Scatter the Ashes' in August 2012.

The hardcore vocals, the technically advanced riffing and the wide range of different genres that are touched upon in this album contribute to a very modern take on Sludge metal and a very interesting album to listen to in general.

  • Band: Brutality Will Prevail
  • Album: Scatter The Ashes
  • Genre: Hardcore/Sludge
  • Origin: Wales, UK
  • Similar Artists: High On Fire, Acid Bath, Down.


Friday, 25 January 2013


Lately there have been a lot of new Stoner/Doom bands appearing out of thin air, all handling pretty much the same overall stoner esthetic, and it's getting quite hard for these bands to push themselves into the ever growing scene.

Windhand is an exception, they manage to craft very melodic soundsculptures that are very accessible, even for non-doomers, i like to label them as the 'Truckfighters of Doom', because of the fact that both bands find themselves in a sort of limbo between the underground and a certain accessibility towards a more mainstream approach.

  • Band: Windhand
  • Origin: Rchmond, Virginia, US
  • Genre: Stoner/Doom
  • Similar Artists: Acid King, Late Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Sons of Otis.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dunk! Festival Zottegem

Just recently discovered this promising festival in Zottegem (Belgium) when i was browsing for Maserati's new Tour Dates.

Besides Maserati they have presented a quite interesting line-up with bands like:
Drums are for Parades, Black Heart Rebellion, Stephen O'Malley (Burning Witch, Sunn(0)), ... ) and a lot of bands that i have yet to discover.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Corrupted & Dot(.) (Japanese Doom)

It's not a sinecure for Japanese doom bands to push their music into the western doom community, and the few bands that to (Boris, Church of Misery, ... ) have managed to do so by extensive and tiring touring campaigns.

That's why i'm dedicating this post to two japanese doom bands that i admire and enjoy listening to.

First up is Corrupted

Corrupted are a very obscure Doom metal band. In their almost twenty years of existence they have made it their band policy to reject all interviews and professional band photography.

You could describe them as an even more ruthless version of Burning Witch but also handling a much broader sound-palette, with acoustic interludes and long noise-ridden slabs of doom.

Really amazing band.

Official Site

Next up is dot(.)

dot's just one of those bands that managed to get it just right sound wise: a melting guitar sound that embraces the ampeg-spat low-end to create one massive wall of destruction, (think Dopethrone).

They're a bit repetitive but never tiring.

Official Site

Monday, 14 January 2013

Iron Sword & Maeth

2 fresh new Stoner-Doom bands, you can download their EP's from their respective bandcamp site.

Iron Sword is just your everyday Stoner-Doom band, alternating between Slow decomposing riffs and fast-paced sabbathy-style-riffing.

  • Band: Iron Sword
  • Origin: Burlington, us
  • Genre: Stoner-Doom / Sludge-Metal
  • Similar artists: Weedeater, Church of misery, Orange Goblin, Bongripper
Iron Sword Bandcamp

Maeth is bit more complicated, you could label them as psychedelic-sludge (if you're also considering everything in between). They excel when playing the more metal-orientated riffs, but the various short psychedelic interludes prove entertaining to say the least.

  • Band: Maeth
  • Origin: St Paul, Mn, Us
  • Psychedelic-Sludge
  • Similar artists: Tank 86, Pelican, Kylesa
Maeth Bandcamp

Saturday, 12 January 2013

JK Flesh, Posthuman

JK Flesh is another one of Justin K Broadrick's (Godflesh, Final, Jesu, ... ) electronic-industrial projects. you could say that all of his solo work leans a bit toward Godflesh in terms of sound, but i must say that in this one he really found the golden ratio between a grinding metal sound and thundering/clashing electronic beats.

  • Artist: JK Flesh
  • Origin: Birmingham, England
  • Genre: Industrial, Electronica, Dub
  • Similar Artists: Scorn, Dälek, Tackhead

Friday, 11 January 2013


Pallbearer is the doom-metal band that generated the most amount of buzz in 2012.
Their debut album 'Sorrow and Extinction' truly defines a distinguished new doom-sound,
both melodic and melancholic but also very intense and accompanied by dense riffing.

What i also like about Pallbearer is that they manage to create these dramatic song structures without bearing resemblance to any post-metal band out there, really impressive. (although they do sound a bit like 40 Watt Sun).

The only thing holding me back at first were the vocals, they were a bit to operatic for my taste but eventually you start to appreciate the overall atmosphere it creates together with all the other elements that make this band what it is.

fourth song off the album:

  • Band: Pallbearer
  • Origin: Arkansas, us
  • genre: Doom-metal
  • Similar Artists: 40 Watt Sun


Thursday, 10 January 2013


New Day, New band:

Zatokrev's new album further defines them as yet another Post-Sludge Metal band,
similar in riffage to bands like Neurosis or Isis but with a different general sound.

The entire album is pretty derivative, but this song is surely noteworthy:

  • Band: Zatokrev
  • Origin: Switserland
  • Genre: Post/Sludge Metal
  • Similar Artists: Koloss, A Storm Of Light, Maudlin
Official Site

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ieperfest 2013 Belgium

Ieperfest 2013 (Belgium) Presenting: AmenRa, Alkerdeel, Celeste, The Black Heart Rebellion, ...

Amazing line-up,

Link to site

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alkerdeel, Morinde

First post,

i Sincerely hope it won't be the last,

I won't be putting much effort into making this first -and again: hopefully not last- post.

just hope someone enjoys it.

probably my #1 contender for best album of 2012, Alkerdeel, Morinde:
this is the third song off the album:

  • band: Alkerdeel
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Genre: Black/Doom Metal
  • In the same vein: Burning Witch/Beherit/ForgottenWoods/Corrupted
Official Site