Monday, 14 January 2013

Iron Sword & Maeth

2 fresh new Stoner-Doom bands, you can download their EP's from their respective bandcamp site.

Iron Sword is just your everyday Stoner-Doom band, alternating between Slow decomposing riffs and fast-paced sabbathy-style-riffing.

  • Band: Iron Sword
  • Origin: Burlington, us
  • Genre: Stoner-Doom / Sludge-Metal
  • Similar artists: Weedeater, Church of misery, Orange Goblin, Bongripper
Iron Sword Bandcamp

Maeth is bit more complicated, you could label them as psychedelic-sludge (if you're also considering everything in between). They excel when playing the more metal-orientated riffs, but the various short psychedelic interludes prove entertaining to say the least.

  • Band: Maeth
  • Origin: St Paul, Mn, Us
  • Psychedelic-Sludge
  • Similar artists: Tank 86, Pelican, Kylesa
Maeth Bandcamp

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