Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ether - Human Error

kicking off an album with an excerpt off of one of the best films ever made should be considered as a herald for a great and lush new album. Ether are an Atmospheric Metal band from Fort Lauderdale US and have made an imprint in the local heavy music scene by sharing stages with bands like Weedeater and Cough.

As for the album (Human Error), i am usually able to pinpoint a couple of closely related genres to any new Heavy band i come across, but in this case i found myself producing such a big cluster of genres that it would be more appropriate to encapsulate all their various influences and label them as an Atmospheric Metal band. When listening to the album it feels like Ether are trying their very best to keep introducing new sound colors, in an effort to escape from being trapped in the same songstructural cadence. The sound colors applied range from repetitive sludge riffs, to post-rock interludes and melancholic post-metal climaxes. They even went so far as to introduce classical strings to further bolster the independence of their songs. Although these intentions are shared with a lot of bands that fail in their efforts, Ether have convinced me that they're not one of them, the song structures as well as the individual melody's are intelligent but not to complicated to break an audience's attention span. all of this combined with an excellent recording quality (and an excellent drummer) make for an impressing release that should appeal to any heavy music enthusiast.

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