Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sunken - Sunken

It's always exhilarating to find a interesting new band in your country, especially in a country as small as Belgium. Sunken are a Doom metal Bass/Drum 2-piece from Wallonia.

First off, i have to admit that the recording quality of this demo (and also their previous ep 'Damaged') are plainly abysmal, the bass guitar should have been pumped up to a higher level, especially in the lower frequency spectrum, and the drums sound like your average DIY black metal band, which is not a virtue for a doom metal band. Luckily the music itself is quite enjoyable, when they find the courage to put a lot of pace in their songs they sound quite a lot like Black Cobra or even a slower Lightning Bolt. When they descend into the slower depths of doom however, the resemblance to the older work of OM is unmistakeable. I feel like this is a band that requires a live presence to impress audiences, and i will keep my eye out for any upcoming gigs to give them an honest chance to blow my brains to pieces.

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  1. Hello! We're Sunken. Just noticed your review today! We got some newer recordings, give them a try :)
    Indeed, though, we're pretty much a band to see/hear live ;)

    Feel free to get in touch at !
    Doom on!