Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Consciousness Removal Project - Tacit

Usually when it comes to Scandinavian metal bands i find that most of them share a similar approach to all diverse metal genres, they tend to play a more straight forward and raw version of their respective musical genres. Bands like Saturnalia Temple (Doom), Cult of Luna (Post-Metal), Horse Latitudes (Drone Doom) and not to mention some of the Norwegian Black-Metal bands (like Darkthrone or Mayhem) all fit into this premise. I don't know in what extend this premise is correct but it surely seems to work out for the examples i have mentioned above and a couple of others i didn't mention.

Consciousness Removal Project is a one man Post-Metal / Post-Rock project from Finland and is an obvious exception to the link i have found above. The music obviously originates from a kaleidoscope of different bands from different genres, From Lustmordian Dark Ambient, to bearing striking resemblence to Godspeed you black Emperor and from Mogwais Post Rock to Isis' Post Metal. the band has a New York feel to it (don't ask why) wich in my opinion can translate to it being a very modern sounding album.

In my humble opinion i do have note that the album has an overwhelming amount of these musical digressions wich makes it harder to enjoy, but like Neurosis has taught us: the longer it takes to fully enjoy the album, the more fulfilling and complete it feels when you finally do.


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