Thursday, 7 February 2013

JK Flesh / Prurient - Worship is the cleansing of imagination

JK Flesh (see previous post) has released a new split together with dark-ambient/noise artist prurient (aka Dominick Fernow).

In the first track of the recording JK Flesh is clearly stating his take on the recently emerged Dubstep fad, until the signature godfleshesque guitar riffing kicks in, further defining his sound as pure dark and industrial electronics with a more modern esthetic then any of his other work. This atmosphere is continued throughout the rest of his recordings.

As i mentioned before, Prurient is a dark ambient artist, that means he's an alchemist of sound excelling at creating gloomy gusts of sound that pulse through your mind. I have to admit that i'm not really into the noise/dark ambient scene (with some exceptions like Lustmord or Syndrome) so i'll leave it up to fans of the genre to make up their mind.

first three tracks are JK Flesh, others are Prurient.


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