Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Slomatics - The Future Past

For those who haven't had the honours of stumbling unto this band, Slomatics is a Stoner/Doom band from Belfast Northern Ireland. They are proving to be a steady new entity in the UK Stoner/Doom scene next to bands like Ramesses, Electric Wizard and Moss, they have recently released a new ep called 'The Future Past'.

Slomatics' sound on this ep is very dark & heavy and the riffing rather nihilistic & repetitive, with Oborn-borrowed vocals steadily brooding in the background. They tend to sound like Conan (With whom they share a split album ) or maybe Dot[.] (in terms of guitar sound).

They have a fruitful partnership going on with James Plotkin (Khanate, Old) who has Mastered the ep, their split with Conan and their latest full length album 'A Hocht'. This cooperation clearly shines through into all these recordings as they obviously sound a bit more industrial than older albums (Kalceanna and Flooding the Weir), wich in term attributes to a more unique overall sound.


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