Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Csejthe - Réminiscence

Csejthe (Lucifer only knows how to pronounce this)  is a Black metal 3-piece from Quebec delivering an unrelenting black metal entity in the vein of their greatest influence Burzum. An other adhesive for their songs is their fascination with the Hungarian countess Elisabeth Bathory whom allegedly murdered hundreds of girls during her time of reign.

With their second album Réminiscence, Csejthe have managed to create an album that is rife with musical references to the Norwegian black metal scene, with Burzum being the main focal point. Although this reverence of a small number of bands is clear in their artwork and advertisements, their overall tone is of a broader spectrum, drawing comparison to many American black metal bands like Xasthur, Krallice, Wolves in the throne room , Nachtmystium and maybe even Ash Borer.

Csejthe is one of those bands that provides an attentive listen not because they sound so new and unique, but because they remind any self proclaimed black metal connaisseur of the times where black metal was a small ruthless club, a time where it could still be called a scene and a time where burning churches filled the moonlit sky with flickering crimson light.

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