Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Olde Growth - Owl EP

Olde Growth are yet another american stoner/doom bands, accompanied by all the essentials: Fuzzy guitars, slow plodding drums and a unified interest in playing slow and diabolic riffs. they've just released their new Owl Ep. This is how they're described on their Bandcamp page:

With bass and drums, Olde Growth creates music that evokes the awe inspiring relics of the natural world - giant trees that span millennia, jagged, snow-capped mountains that only the bravest of souls attempt to scale, oceans who’s mysterious depth are as alien as the most imaginative worlds out of science fiction.

You could go as far as to describe them in the former manner, but in my opinion they're more easily defined as a stoner/doom band with truckfighterish vocals reinforced with dense and dynamic riffing. enjoyment is only assured when all skepticism is discarded (preferably when drunk, high and tired) and you're only goal of the evening is to headbang your way into the night ahead.

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