Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Psyke Project - Guillotine

The Psyke Project is pretty hard to pin down sound wise. One thing that's a certainty is that they're heavy, very very heavy. But there are so many aspects of this band that truly aid in their quest to become one of the most fucking uncompromising sludge bands to date.

They're most recent scourge towards mankind is called Guillotine. whether the etymology of this album is part of some grand theme or whether it's just chosen because of it's direct link to death, it doesn't matter. The album is rightly chosen because the following analogy is easily understood: 'it fucking cut's clean through'. There's no restraint in this piece of mayhem, just plain heavy, downtuned swells of sludge with sudden sidesteps of more advanced influences like Post and Noise Metal. The vocals as well as the mastering of the album are in conjunction with the Post-Hardcore esthetic, while all the rest just breathes sludge and noise.

Definitely a meritorious contender in becoming the best sludge album of 2013.

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