Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Tragedy We Live In - ST

my fellow countrymen of The Tragedy We Live In are a Belgian post-something band (fill in the post as you like) and have seen themselves fit for releasing their unfurnished self titled album into global existence. Defining their genre as 'post-something' might seem like an affront to the band in their efforts to sound unique, but this is not the case here.

In their efforts they succeed in a number of things but the most notable is to provide listeners with a clear musical contrast between beauty and decay, shining through in their music by fluently alternating melancholic landscapes with noise ridden slabs of post-metal. Unlike many post-something bands though they don't conform to the 'buildup to climax' template that has defined slow heavy music from the beginning, they opt for the Neurosis approach and keep on teasing their listeners with misplaced constructs that in the end makes for an uneasy product. In this i have to admit that the implementation could be better, the parts that are meant to surprisingly deliver the punch are bleak and barely make the cut.
all in all this band delivers a very interesting debut album, particularly the gloomy post-rock segments are surely up to standard. I'm certain that plenty of touring experience and more musical input will have a positive affect on following releases, i am looking forward to reviewing their next one.

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