Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Inter Arma - Sky Burial

'Inter Arma' have recently released a new full album called 'Sky Burial' under the lengendary 'Relapse Records' (home of a fantastic array of great bands like: Red Fang, Minsk, Pig Destroyer, Hooded Menace, Cough, Buzzov*en and many many more).

with this new album 'Inter Arma' have managed to cook up a unique musical contraption, slithering fluently through all of the darker metal genres to create something that is entirely their own. They do not shy away from slow droning swells as well as fast paced black metal surges, in this they're not unique (just think of bands like 'Dragged Into Sunlight') but what does is their compulsory need to keep rejuvenating successive songs by adding all kinds of atmospheric subtilty's in the vein of (i'm assuming) they're greatest example, Neurosis.

Not only does the album stem from an undoubtedly brilliant set of individuals, so does the the recording quality originate from a very tedious eye for perfection, a perfection that will undeniably resonate through the years to come.

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