Thursday, 7 March 2013

Major Kong - Sequoia

For those who aren't familiar with the band, here's a small bio from their Bandcamp:

Instrumental doom metal trio from Lublin, Poland. They began their journey in late 2010, initially as a project alongside their parent band – Fifty Foot Woman. After a couple of months they recoded 4 track EP “Orogeneis” and began serving their slow guitar hypnosis live. Currently they’re looking for label to release "Doom for the Black Sun" - their debut album made in 2012.

To me Major Kong's one of those bands that's neither Stoner/Doom nor Stoner, and could be defined as swirlingly meandering between both genres. At times sounding like your average Stoner/Doom band but then again not shying away from lengthy psychedelic jams and frantic soloing. The thing that stands out though is the relentless pace at which they overwhelm you with their crushing and pounding riffs, like a doom marathon. These characteristics are undoubtedly portrayed on their latest full length album Doom for the Black Sun but about a month ago they also released a single song called 'Sequoia' as a remnant of the recordings of the latter album. This song again further fastens them into their niche of a genre, thus defining them as one the most unavoidable bands of 2012.

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