Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Howling Void - Runa

The Howling Wind is a one-man funeral doom band from San Antonio, and for those who've been regularly catching up on this blog should know that this is another project from 'Ryan' who also impressed the shit out of me with Tethered to A Dying Animal. In the post i did on TTADA i had this to say:

"I'm really looking forward to see (or preferably 'hear' ) what this guy has in store for us in the future."

And apparently this time has come with a new Ep called Runa. The first thing that's strikingly clear to me is that the focus here is making dark ethereal music, music fit to mourn and act as a celebration of sorrow. I believe The Howling Void succeeds flawlessly at what it set out to achieve, delivering a utopian swell of melancholic surges bolstered with exemplary guitar and drum techniques.

I also like that the entire ep reminds me of 'Ruins of Beverast', which in my opinion is a band that delivers the most organic blend of funeral doom, black metal and folk. The Howling Void could still learn a thing or two from Alexander Von Meilenwald's lavish compositions, but i feel that greater things are still in store for this project and all of Ryan's brainchilds.


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