Monday, 18 March 2013

Trix Presents

The trix venue in Antwerp Belgium has proven a haven for belgian doom and stoner fans for many years now, by announcing bands like Sleep, Harvey Milk, Colour Haze, Electric Wizard, My sleeping Karma and many others in the past few years, they have fortified their reputation in the Belgian stoner/doom scene and considering recent developments they seem to be persistent in their intentions.

One of these recent developments is a small mini 'fuzzfest' with the spacejammers of 'Endless Boogie', the psychedelic soundscapes of 'The Cosmic Dead' and my two favorite bands of the evening: 'Elder' and 'Process of Guilt' (Maybe it isn't a coincidence that they're both featured on the Roadburn Line-up)

Elder play an enticing mixture of Stoner, Doom and Heavy Metal employing brutally fuzzy riffing with an intelligent twist. They're most recent full album 'dead roots stirring' ranks as one of my top favorites if 2011 and i am increasingly nourishing the impression that i'm not the only who's thoroughly infatuated with this band.

Process Of Guilt are of a different breed, they have been compared to bands like Neurosis and Godflesh, but in my experience the influence from the former (Neurosis) is far more present.

Moving on to the second development i intend to cover i have to point out that the Trix venue has a lot more good evenings in store for us, just think of 'Ufomammut' and 'Swans'.

Another concert that imprisoned my attention was this announcement for an evening with 'Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats', 'Wolf People' and 'Master Musicians of Bukkake'.

'Uncle Acid And the Deadbeats' (Also featured on Roadburn, damn what a festival) play occult traditional doom in a very authentic fashion, really old-school but at the same time a reinvention of the doom genre.

'Wolf People' are known for they're earfriendly blend of Neo-Psychedelica and Folk Rock, i saw them live 2 years ago and they never lost my attention since.

But the absolute highlight of the evening must be the obscure wizards of 'Master Musicians of Bukkake' (what a name) With their alienating mix of genres (Folk, Psychedlica, Drone, Black Metal and many more) and presenting members from Earth, Burning Witch, Grails, Asva and the Acc├╝sed. This band can't be incorporated in mere http formatted text, just listen, be dazzled and travel to Antwerp on the first of june.

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