Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lonely Walk - V.I.H.S.

New Wave is not dead! well actually it is a dead genre, but when listening to this new release by Lonely Walk (Bordeaux, France) i briefly felt like New Wave was alive still, commanding millions of people all over the world to dance ecstatically to the spirit-lifting beats and sequences or to bend their backs and wallow in the eerie darkness of some of the world's most depressive musical compositions. Being a torrid New Wave enthusiast i always enjoy finding parcels of New Wave influences in modern music, but this band denotes almost all standard modern music elements in an attempt to create a fluent and seemingly flawless continuation of the genre.

the one song that's available reminds me of electronic new wave bands like Fad Gadget (actually not a band but a one-man project fronted by the legendary Frank Tovey), Neon Judgement, Men Without Hats, Cabaret Voltaire and of course early New Order. After listening to their back catalogue i've found that this list of references extends. At moments they tend to sound a bit like Throbbing Gristle or Young Gods and at the other (in the rare instances that guitars are employed) they sound like what New Order would have sounded like now if they didn't opt for making pop music, they also sound a bit like a more synth-orientated Horrors.

I've listened to the new song over and over, even whilst writing this entry and i'm still baffled at what i've stumbled upon. I will certainly be checking regularly for any new developments regarding the release of the album but in the meantime i'll just keep listening to this song over and over until my mind implodes.


Apparently only 2 days after my original post they placed the entire album online, available as a digital album or as a mail-order lp. The album has been demanding a lot of time from me, i've given it a couple of spins and i'm truly satisfied with the entire listening experience. for me the highlights of the album are:  'Halloween Sixteen' (The song that made me notice the band in the first place), 'Talking to you' (Reminds me of the Smiths, don't ask me why), 'People Run' (probably the best song off the album, and surprisingly radio-friendly) and 'We need a Miracle' (Gary Numan written all over it).

It would advise anyone to give this album your undivided attention for about an half hour, and if you enjoy it don't hesitate to buy the album and support the band, they deserve it.



  1. It's out now, you can listen to the entire album right now on .

    1. Thanks, i'll be posting my findings on the album asap, i've listened to shards of it and i must say that i'm thoroughly impressed.